Crafe Away anti-smoking mini filters 10

SKU: U844
PackSize: 12

Crafe Away Anti-Smoking 10 Mini Filters.Good Life Products, the makers of the Crafe Away 'Smokeless Cigarette', have now developed the Crafe Away Mini Filter to be used with ordinary cigarettes. Crafe Away Mini Filters have been designed to effectively reduce the smoker's intake of harmful tar, nicotine and other hazardous chemicals found in cigarette smoke the smoker inhales.  Sensible smokers shouldn't smoke a cigarette without a Crafe Away Mini Filter!One Crafe Away Cigarette Mini Filter lasts for between 5 and 10 cigarettes depending on the brand of cigarette smoked.  Even after only one cigarette smoked, using the Crafe Away Mini Filter, the smoker can see the amount of harmful black tar collected round the coloured mark of the mini filter.When the coloured mark is completely covered it is time for the smoker to use a new mini filter.  The Crafe Away Mini Filter does not alter the taste or flavour of a cigarette.