Floradix Iron Supplement Tablets 84 Tablets

Floradix Iron + Vitamins from Salus is a food supplement that has a powerful formula rich in iron and in amounts that cover the daily requirements of the body, combined with a variety of 100% natural vitamins, fruit juices and plant species. It is ideal to supplement your diet in weakness times, especially in cases of spring asthenia.
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Floradix Iron + Vitamins from Salus is the reliable source of iron to meet your body's daily needs for this mineral, and also a safe way to improve your health.

Iron deficiencies can cause certain discomforts, diseases or deterioration of important areas of our body. That is why it is extremely necessary for the body to have a reliable supply of iron to guarantee good health and avoid deficiencies of this important trace element. Floradix Iron + Vitamins from Salus is a food supplement whose formula has a good amount of iron. It is not only perfect for meeting the body's demands and requirements, but also allows the body to enjoy all the benefits of iron consumption, which will be reflected, for example, in a normal maintenance of hemoglobin since it directly intervenes in the formation of hemoglobin