Nicotinell Nicotine Gum Stop Smoking Aid 2 mg Mint 96 Pieces 2 mg - 96 Pieces

Nicotinell Mint 2mg Chewing Gum is a nicotine replacement therapy to help you stop smoking. Contains active ingredient Nicotine 2mg in a resin complex.
SKU: U10271
PackSize: 6

Nicotinell 2Mg Mint Chewing Gum Is A Type Of Nicotine Replacement Therapy Designed To Help You Stop Smoking. It Contains Nicotine Resin In A Chewing Gum Formulation. When The Gum Is Chewed Nicotine Is Released Slowly And Absorbed Through The Lining Of The Mouth. The Nicotine Replacement Alleviates Some Of The Unpleasant Withdrawal Effects That Frequently Occur When Giving Up Smoking Such As Feeling Ill Or Irritable. Nicotinell Gum Can Also Reduce Your Desire To Smoke By Proving Some Of The Nicotine Previously Inhaled From Cigarettes And Therefore Helps Your Willpower To Resist Cigarettes.